Vocational Courses

  • Drishti Bhavsar

    Drishti Bhavsar


    Few decisions we take to change our lives and turn our path toward success and excellence. Joining 'Munimji Training & Placement Academy' was one such decision. Munimji is an excellent institution of Vocational training enriching its students with very practical insights. The faculty and management have been very supportive, experienced, and nourishing students with industrial knowledge and also provided good placement. A well-equipped classroom, a computer lab with the latest technology, and a well-equipped library have made my experience overwhelming & truly inspirational.

  • Bhavik Patel

    Bhavik Patel

    Orra Intergold Gems Pvt Ltd

    I am very thankful to MUNIMJI for bringing out the best in me. The perfect kind of job for the kind of person I am. And to help me reach this place, and to realize that this is what I had always dreamt of, or where I should be, MUNIMJI has played a great role! I was just a simple graduate with no work experience but the comprehensive practical accounting course made me a Perfect Accountant and I managed to get a starting salary of 14000/-. Thanks to Jigar Sir for the constant support and boost that helped me achieve my dream job!

  • Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh

    Bcom/CA Entrance

    Munimji Training & Placement Academy” educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. Doubt-solving lectures and guest lecturers conducted by industry professionals helped me to boost my confidence. Personal interaction with every faculty, well-researched & updated course material, conducting tests, one-to-one mentoring sessions, Mock interviews, and group discussions helped me to develop industry-related skills. On the whole, Munimji is “THE BEST” environment, for a student can learn a lot.

  • Harshad Gohel

    Harshad Gohel

    M.R Organisation Ltd.

    MUNIMJI is far ahead of its competitors as far as the preparation of Accounting related courses is concerned. The passion and commitment showed by the faculties… No one can beat that! From day one, the energy, enthusiasm, motivation, guidance, and teaching provided at MUNIMJI by the best faculties I ever got, have given me the attitude to move forward in life. With no work experience in the accounting field, I still could manage to get an initial salary of 15000/- which was not possible without MUNIMJI.

  • Jayesh Modi

    Jayesh Modi

    Diploma in Textile Engineering

    Studying at “Munimji” was like giving me new learning curves in my life that had an effect of overall Improvement & value addition to my existing skill set & to help me acquire those which I didn't had. The atmosphere at “Munimji” is matchless not only in terms of students making the best use of their time studying at the center having such high-end facilities but also in terms of the faculty's dedication towards their students. The faculty at “Munimji” is absolutely marvelous & almost matchless with the amount of experience that they carry & equally dedicated towards their teaching passion. Thank you “Munimji” for making me realize my potential and helping me achieve my goal!

  • Riyaz Ahmed Mansuri

    Riyaz Ahmed Mansuri

    Laxmi Textile Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

    I have never heard of or experienced such a preparation-oriented and effective environment at any coaching institute. The facilities at MUNIMJI provided an ideal environment to learn. The modules and the lectures helped me in clearing my basics very strongly. The 4-month Practical course on Accounting supported by the guidance provided By Jigar sir really helped me in my ICWA preparations as well. I feel proud to be a student of MUNIMJI.

  • Kushal Cholia

    Kushal Cholia


    I had a dream of becoming the “Best Accountant”. Without the help of “Munimji”, I wouldn't be able to convert my dream into reality. “Munimji” gave me not only faculty support and guidance, extraordinary material, various class tests, MOCK interviews, Online tests, doubt-solving sessions, and GD-PI sessions, but the environment, staff support, personal guidance for everyone and wonderful management which made me so confident to get placed in good company. I feel proud to be a part of “Munimji”. Thanks a lot “Munimji!

  • Sneha Kasat

    Sneha Kasat

    Owner of Jagat Industries

    Being a non-commerce student, I hardly had any idea about Accounting. But I wanted to learn for my own business. A big thanks to Jigar Sir for the thorough mentoring without which it was difficult for me. Moreover, the computer lab was a boon as students can come and practice anytime. The tests conducted made sure you improve every day. The First Module “Fundamentals of Accounting” was a magical material that helped me clear my accounting basics very strongly. Thanks to MUNIMJI for providing a conducive environment which makes it a “Learning Center” in a true sense.

  • Bhumi Shah

    Bhumi Shah

    B.Com / CS Executive

    I am thankful to “Munimji” and also all faculties for their endless support. “Munimji” has also provided additional facilities other than coaching like conducting continuous exams, Mock interviews, group discussions, and also placements which gives us employment opportunities in reputed organizations along with good experience in face interviews. This all has helped me a lot to crack any difficult interview.

  • Kampan Shah

    Kampan Shah

    Jindal Worldwide Ltd.

    Studying at MUNIMJI was an enriching experience for me. The faculties here are very supportive and never hesitate to solve as many queries as a student has. The VAT guest lectures were really beneficial. It was indeed a great learning experience. MUNIMJI has played a very important role in shaping up my preparation to make me ready such that I successfully got through the interview at Jindal Worldwide Ltd. Hats off to Munimji!.

  • Krunal Thakkar

    Krunal Thakkar


    I am really thankful to “Munimji Training & Placement Academy” to teach, guiding, and showing us the best path to reach our goals. Immense support of faculties & placement Division team to get us the best career Job opportunities. The personal guidance, given by the “Munimji team”, has not just helped me in facing interviews, but helped me in grooming my personality. I feel very obliged to be a part of “Munimji.

  • Adit Pathak

    Adit Pathak

    Endeavour Careers Pvt Ltd

    As the tagline says “Creating Best Accountants”, MUNIMJI has really made me a Perfect Accountant. Additionally, the Personality development sessions helped me in my overall grooming. Also, the faculties here are approachable even after the course completion and keep us updated about the latest changes happening in taxation through e-mails. All in all, MUNIMJI is the right place for someone who wants to make a career in Accounting.

  • Niyat Patel

    Niyat Patel

    Diploma in Electrical

    "Munimji" is the platform where we get complete career development initiated from training to placement. The motivation and inspiration by Faculties are the most memorable and worthwhile of my entire life. The contribution of the Faculties at “Munimji” was a key point for my success to become the best accountant & get placed in good company.

  • Akash Modi

    Akash Modi


    My experience with “Munimji” was very nice. Talented, competent, and patient teachers. THE PERFECT curriculum according to me. It's not just about the plan in “Munimji”, it's about execution. “Munimji “provides 360-degree support to students. Career Counseling, Teaching, Excellent Faculties, and the best Management Team even after completion of training. “Munimji “supported us with the best placement opportunity. Truly saying “Munimji” believes in creating the best accountant and also delivering the best accountant.

  • Sunil Suthar

    Sunil Suthar

    Kotak Logistics

    What do you expect from an educational institute when you join it? Great faculty, great material, and amazing pedagogy. All that is fine. But all of that would be nothing if the institute fails to devote personal attention and care to the student. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is where “MUNIMJI” stands apart. The faculty is always available for solving our doubts and the personal attention provided ultimately gave us confidence and prepared us for the interview. Thank you Munimji for placing me with Kotak Logistics!

B.Com / M.Com / BBA

  • Shreya Talsania

    Shreya Talsania

    4th Sem - 14th Rank

    I have been a part of Devam’s Munimji for 5 years. I really had a wonderful experience. Hardik sir and Khyati Mam have guided me a lot during my graduation and post-graduation. I feel very grateful to have an opportunity to work in this company (DEVAM’S MUNIMJI).

  • Shachi Pathak

    Shachi Pathak

    F.Y.BBA - GLS NR

    My rank in GLS is due to Devam’s Munimji. Here faculty members are working so hard for the students. It’s all their efforts. They make the concept so clear that there is no need to revise anything at home. So, my success and rank it’s due to all of Devam’s Munimji.

  • Krishna Mehta

    Krishna Mehta

    2nd Sem - 16th Rank

    It is a great experience for me to be in Devam’s Munimji. All the faculty members are really cooperative and were keen to help. The atmosphere here is a mix of fun and studious. Overall, it is fun to gain knowledge here.

  • Jinali Shah

    Jinali Shah

    3rd Sem - 64th Rank

    Devam’s Munimji is one of the best tuitions which is making toppers every year. It has a great culture, supporting faculties and endless opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Yamini Thakkar

    Yamini Thakkar

    1st Sem - 40th Rank | 2nd Sem - 49th Rank

    ‘Devam’s Munimji ’, I must say a ranker’s factory and the best commerce classes-cum-institute. I could secure ranks in M.Com, just because of my study at Devam’s Munimji. The premises, faculties, study environment everything is just awesome and perfect. The most supportive and experienced faculties make learning at this institute full of fun which leads to the best results.

  • Krisha Modha

    Krisha Modha

    4th Sem - 50th Rank

    I feel extremely lucky to have Devam’s Munimji for my bachelor’s degree. The environment here is gratifying that even a non-academic student starts enjoying books. We get not only the best quality of domestic facilities but also the faculties are so erudite that they calculate both good knowledge as well as values.

  • Khushali Mehta

    Khushali Mehta

    3rd Sem - 46th Rank

    I have taken guidance for my Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree both from Devam’s Munimji. After spending a beautiful 5 years journey with this institute and getting ranked in University I would like to thank Hardik Sir & Khyati Mam for guiding me, encouraging me to do better, and also for spending their valuable time on my future. Without all your hard work it would be impossible. Thank You.

11th - 12th Commerce & Humanity

  • Swayam Shah

    Swayam Shah

    (XI CBSE) Udgam School

    Teaching pattern at Devam’s Munimji is absolutely phenomenal. Teaching faculties are very supportive and interactive. The faculty doesn’t just focus on textual definitions but instead lays greater emphasis on real-life examples which helped me immensely to understand the concepts. I’ve improved astronomically in my academics and I’d like to thank the inquisitive nature of my tutors. Weekly tests and Viva helped me focus and not get distracted even during covid times. Apart from academics I also gained real-life knowledge which is necessary for everyone’s overall character development.

  • Nitya Kaka

    Nitya Kaka

    (12th CBSE) Udgam

    Devam’s Munimji is definitely one of the best tuition classes I've been to. Studying a completely new subject (accounts) that too in an online mode of learning seemed a little scary, but Hardik sir made everything feel so easy. The class atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. The weekly tests, homework, and unlimited doubt-solving has helped me score amazing result! thank you so much, sir:)

  • Tamanna Singh M. Vaghela

    Tamanna Singh M. Vaghela

    (12th GSEB) AIS

    Choosing to study with Devam’s Munimji was one of the best decisions I had taken. As I had studied in private tuition till 10th, deciding to study in group tuition was a bit tough, but Pranav sir made sure that I had no problem in adapting it. Studying with this spectacular faculty has made me see a rise in my self-confidence and in my grades. They made understanding the theoretical subjects so easy, that along with Accounts and Statistics, I have started liking BA and Economics too. All the tutors are so loving, hard-working, and enthusiastic that it encourages me to challenge me and to break records of the old me. I will always be thankful to this institute for giving me new friends, a new me, and for showing me the path to my bright future.

  • Shreetu Nandi

    Shreetu Nandi

    (XII CBSE) Udgam School

    Devam ‘s Munimji is definitely my best choice! They provide their own material which is comprehensive and detailed. The atmosphere will always be super positive and fun-filled in the class. While Hardik sir makes sure to push you to become the best version of yourself not only in academics but in life as well, Pranav sir always triple-checks if you really understood the concepts and takes quizzes to check the same. They take regular tests to keep the students in constant practice. No other place like this where overall growth takes place!

  • Heli Bhavsar

    Heli Bhavsar

    (XI CBSE) Udgam School

    It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Hardik Sir as an accountancy teacher. He goes the extra mile to explain and recap content in thorough detail in every tutorial. I appreciate the countless videos that he mails us if we have not attended any class due to some reason. He has a great teaching style as he uses different sources and combines them into a simplified version which helps us in easier digestion of knowledge. He makes lessons as comprehensive as possible and brings in a lot of examples. He is a committed educator and will make a huge contribution to a student’s life

  • Yashika R. Kabra

    Yashika R. Kabra

    (12th GSEB) Swastik

    Devam’s Munimji has drastically changed me in a better way. It gave me confidence and also made me believe in myself. Pranav sir has drastically changed my attitude toward studies, Hardik sir and Pranav sir are the ones who made me believe in my capabilities. The exams conducted in the academy made me realize my mistakes and even increase my competitiveness. All over I am a positively changed human being after entering Devam Munimji. All the tutors are very well-qualified are extremely supportive and enthusiastic. Here we don't dream about our goals, we aim at them and we achieve them.

  • Ansh Balani

    Ansh Balani


    Devam ‘s Munimji has always supported me and made choosing the right path to my goals. The understanding of concepts has been a great task, which I feel was important to give my career a strong base. All the faculties of Devam’s Munimji have been guiding me and making me learn difficult concepts easily. I feel Devam’s Munimji has taken my understanding level to another level. My results may just come up with only my name, but they surely belong to Devam’s Munimji as well.

  • Mahi M. Desai

    Mahi M. Desai

    (12th GSEB) A G Teachers

    I joined Devam’s Munimji in grade 11th, in the middle of the pandemic, due to which studying online was a great task for me. But Hardik sir's teaching method made it so easy for me that I didn’t find it difficult to adapt to the new learning system. The atmosphere around here is so refreshing that it keeps on motivating us to study harder and harder. The teachers are so supportive and helpful that none of my doubts remain unattended. They even conducted practice sessions for us to make us understand the concepts again. Here in Devam's Munimji, they believe that HARDWORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!

  • Palash Raval

    Palash Raval

    (XI CBSE) Somlalit School

    Devam ‘s Munimji is definitely the best in its own style and number one in my priority list! The notes they provide are at their best just because they aren’t of bookish language and just because of that we don’t have to refer to textbooks and the number of examples is very great!, The atmosphere of the class is just great the way Hardik Sir teaches in a fun way and I personally will never get bored if sir takes the class for the whole day…and yes the main thing here is they take a regular test to keep up students progress and what are the mistakes that student is making and the main thing is viva for just mainly I think is again at its best because this is the most important thing for the practical world because communication will be done orally only! No other place like this to get your future enhanced perfectly checking all boxes!

  • Prisha Mehta

    Prisha Mehta

    (XI CBSE) Udgam School

    If u want to excel in the subject of accountancy, I would highly recommend you to join Devam’s Munimji. Hardik sir is an exceptional accounts tutor. his way of teaching is pretty different from most of the other teachers. He focuses more on concept clarity and gives real-life examples to explain the concepts. he also shows us numerous videos so that we are thorough with the topics. His classes are fun and don’t bore us as there is also a touch of humor.

  • Dhairya Pareekh

    Dhairya Pareekh

    (XI CBSE) Zebar

    Devam’s Munimji classes helped me build confidence in all the subjects. As accountancy, economics, and business studies were all new subjects that I had never experienced before, a strong base was required for my further studies Devam’s Munimji classes helped me build that base and I m really thankful!

  • Ananya Agrwal

    Ananya Agrwal

    (XI CBSE) Udgam School

    I am glad to have joined Devam's Munimji's classes. Till grade 10 I hadn't joined any institution but as subjects were new and very different from what I had studied in past, it was necessary in grade 11. Devam's classes was a great choice. Under the guidance of Hardik Sir Accountancy has become very easy and interesting. I joined classes after 3 months of tuition had started, but the staff was very cooperative and helped me cope with the syllabus. Within 10-15 days I was with the rest of the batch. Weekly tests helped me find my weak points and helped me score well in school exams. I would strongly recommend Devam's Munimji Classes to all the new Commerce students

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